Frost Heave Prevention

Frost Heave can create serious problems to industrial cryogenic tanks.  At nVent Thermal Management we provide Frost Heave Prevention systems that can protect against uncontrolled and unwanted tank elevation cause by frost. Frost-Heave-Prevention-Industrial.jpg

Frost Heave can be prevented by applying:

  • Thermal insulation around the tank
  • Applying heat to the concrete layers surrounding the tank

nVent Thermal Management offers a number of solutions for Frost Heave Protection on large diameter Storage Tanks of all types including:

  • Above Ground Tanks
  • Underground Tanks
  • Above Ground Tanks with Ground Fill to Top
  • All tanks with load bearing thermal insulation (usually Foamglas) supporting the tank.

nVent Thermal Management takes a very thorough and professional approach to Frost Heave prevention.  The design of a Frost Heave prevention system requires the analysis of several parameters, including:

  • The tank fluid temperature
  • heating system characteristics and heating element spacing underneath the tank
  • Bottom insulation thickness and thermal conductivity
  • And project specific requirements

nVent Thermal Management designs the most optimized Frost Heave Prevention system for you by applying thermal analyses modelling and consequently applying the most optimized heating technology.

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