Electronic line sensing thermostat for pipe frost protection

RAYSTAT-Control-10 is an electronic line sensing thermostat used to control self-regulating heating cable circuits directly or through a suitable contactor. Direct switching of heating cables FS-A/B/C is possible for heating loads up to 25 A.

Key benefits:

  • Energy savings by Line-sensing thermostat with alarm relay
  • Alarm relay: 2 A volt free with indication of sensor errors, voltage errors and low or high temperature alarm
  • Display for visual indication of parameters
  • Max. switching current 25 A, 250 VAC

Technical Specifications

supply voltage230 VAC, +10%/–10%, 50/60 Hz
Main Terminals3 x 0.75 mm2 to 4 mm2
Temperature Settings0°C to +150°C
Low Temperature Alarm–40°C to +148°C
High Temperature Alarm+2°C to +150°C or switched OFF
Sensor Type3-wire Pt100 according to IEC Class B
Ingress ProtectionIP 65
Entries2 x M25, 1 x M20, 1 x M16
MountingOn wall or on support bracket SB-100/SB-101
Approvals/CertificateVDE ; Semko; CSTB


Warranty Information

Warranty Extension Available

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