nVent RAYCHEM XPI are polymer insulated (PI) series heating cables, suitable for use in hazardous areas.

This technology offers offers an economical solution for a wide variety of heat-tracing applications, in particular for pipe lengths beyond the maximum circuit lengths of parallel heating cables.

RAYCHEM XPI heating cables can be used for temperatures up to 260°C (continuous) and 300°C (intermittent short-term exposure) and have typical power outputs of 305W/m.

  • Compliance to T-rating to be proven per design
  • Can easliy be field terminated
  • 4 Joule impact resistance for good mechanical strength
  • PTFE outer jacket for optimum corrosion resistance
  • Excellent temperature withtstand capabilities
  • Available in low resistances to allow for extended circuit lengths
  • 450/750Vac voltage configuration to allow for further power infracturstructure optimization
  • Usually used in conjunction with more advanced control systems


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